My very first Book Colors in Black & White out now!

Colors In Black & White

Book Info

  • Release Date: 19.02.2024
  • ISBN: 978-3-7583-6881-3
  • 150 Pages Hardcover
  • Size: 21 x 21cm
  • Weight: 579g

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In «Colors in Black & White» photographer Gerald Joehri invites readers on a fascinating visual journey that meanders along the picturesque shores and through the vibrant landscapes of Lake Constance. This book is not merely a collection of 92 photographs; it is a celebration of imperfection, captured through the lens of ancient cameras that seize the authentic beauty and quiet poetry of this unique space. Each image in this carefully curated collection opens a window to a world where the conventional rules of photography are boldly transcended to reveal the deep connection between the artist and his surroundings. Gerald Joehri’s approach is characterized by a profound appreciation for nature and the moments of everyday life that often go unnoticed, bringing them to life with a focus on the real and the simple.

The photographs, predominantly taken in the Lake Constance area, tell stories of the subtle beauty of nature and the fleeting moments of life, which Gerald Joehri captures with exceptional sensitivity and an intuitive feel for light and shadow. This collection is a testament to his ability to grasp the essence of a moment and transform it into something timeless that invites the viewer to pause and reflect. With the 35mm Kodak Retina IIIc, a legacy from his grandfather, as his faithful companion, along with several other analog cameras, including medium format, photographer Gerald Joehri shares his personal view of a world where beauty is found in imperfection and the ordinary. «Colors in Black & White» is an invitation to perceive the beauty of the Lake Constance region through the eyes of an artist who believes that true art lies in authenticity and the courage to be individual.

Join Gerald Joehri on this impressive journey of discovery and be inspired by the power and beauty of the images that are much more than photographs. They are a tribute to the unparalleled beauty of Lake Constance and a call to view the world with open eyes and an open heart.

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