At Giger's Home 2010
At Giger's private Home 2010

I was born in 1972 in Graz, Styria, and grew up in Feldbach, also in Styria. My childhood was characterized by an early passion for photography, which I owe to my grandfather. He was a passionate amateur photographer, and it was his 1957 Kodak Retina IIIc that sparked my enthusiasm. Since his passing in 1987, this camera has been my faithful companion and a symbolic legacy of his inspiration.

In 1979, I moved with my parents to Switzerland, where my talent and passion for photography continued to develop. As a child, at about the age of 8, I began to photograph and developed my own style over the years.

An unforgettable highlight of my career was the year 2010, when I had the honor of meeting and collaborating with the great artist H.R. Giger (February 5, 1940 – May 12, 2014). Giger, known for being rather reserved towards photographers, recognized in me more than just a photographer. His words, «You are not a photographer. You are an artist and a truly talented one at that,» remain a source of inspiration for me to this day.

Over time, my career has evolved. Nowadays, the focus is more on moving images, videography, driven by the changing demands of the market and the advances in artificial intelligence that have changed the landscape of photography. However, photography, especially film photography remains an essential part of my artistic identity.

In every project, I strive to not only exceed the expectations of my clients but also to honor the memory of my great role model H.R. Giger. I am convinced that in some way, he is still looking over my shoulder and guiding me.

In memoriam H.R. Giger

I will never forget the moment when, back in Zürich-Seebach, a very specific door slowly opened and I saw the face of H.R. Giger for the first time. Live and in color. Nor will I ever forget one of his first words to me: «Make yourself at home. All the rooms are open to you.»

These photos, which I would like to share with the visitors of this site, were taken during my first meeting in 2010 at Giger’s home in Zürich-Seebach.